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Schenectady New York

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a place for those that have good memories and feelings about a Historic city.

Please write in the guestbook your positive memories and thoughts. 

David Tanner

Barbara Hoffman is a University of Wisconsin science student. She is a part-time employee at a local massage parlor. She is also a killer. Now all Detective Lulling has to do is prove it.

Read The Times Union article: Schenectady gets a close up in 'Winter of Frozen Dreams'

"Winter Of Frozen Dreams" - The Full Movie

A Winter's Drive Through Schenectady
combining several videos from  dec 14 2008
early jan and late jan 2009

DownTown Schenectady 2008

Brandywine School Website


this video larger at the website

Central Park and The Rose Garden on june 26 2009. Jonpaul stuys visits the park for the first time since 1998 when he was seven years old.

Winter Carnival in Central Park feb 14 2009
The Kids tubing down the hill and skaters on the Pond

Scotia, New York Black Out
Dec 14 2008

Central Park Scenes Late August 2007

Music Skips in The Beginning, Sorry Cannot Fix it

Central Park Runners September 16 2008

Central Park in January 2008

GMPNY  Awesome job! This reminds me of the Old Schenectady that I knew as a kid. Love your video's, please keep them comming. Great job!
Thank You for remembering what a great place it once was : ) Central Park! What a great place to sleigh ride and ice skate and FOOD at the Casino!
careymahoney1974 Footage, graphics and music are excellent. You really captured it all well. Old time Schenectady kid here, living on the West Coast. Miss the old city back home, but just not enough action day to day...keep up the videos coming my friendddddddddddddddd.

3 teens are in Central Park training to become Marines

New Years Day upper State St and Albany Street

New Years Day Downtown Schenectady

careymahoney1974 This video guy is good. Get something with interviews with old time Schenectady people that love the city...hard to find those that really love Schenectady and live there; I love it from afar, but never could move back for an extended period. The city is has so much history compared to the rest of America.

DownTown Schenectady

Central Park Rose Garden and a Las Vegas cat who visits the Garden.

On Fehr ave Hill near Central Park is a New Garden.

Central Park Wild Cats

Central Park Cats


The LeGenD PuPPeT!

The GuestBook:
Please Write about your memories about Schenectady


Dynamic Silat
Dynamic Silat has hidden Moves and philosophy in application Not known to the untrained


Billy Zottas Website-Schenectady Resident

Schenectady's Elvis Bill McGrath

St Anthonys Fiesta June 2008

Water Pollution Control in Schenectady. Bill Zotta has everything under control.

"Like your other videos, this is great : ) I enjoy the music also that you have in the background."

Scotia On Mohawk ave facing towards the Mohawk River and Schenectady

Central Park   (end of August)

Central Park Video (full sized)

Grout Park

Martial Arts Flowing Science with strikes

martial arts striking (full sized)

More scenes of Central Park

There is always Sound with the videos!

Slide the volume bar all the way to the right
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Drive Through Schenectady

Electric City Film Festival Part 1 October 23 2008 at the GE Theatre in The Proctors Arcade

Skateboarders in DownTown Schenectady
 oct 23 2008

Central Park Spring Winter is ending and is in the air taped in March 2008

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Oldies Show at
Proctors Theatre     
March 29 2008
      Part 1

Oldies Show at
Proctors Theatre
       part 2

Oldies Show at
Proctors Theatre
        part 3

Schenectady Pics

Central Park Rose Garden011

Photos at the Rose Garden in Central Park in 2006

Schenectady Virtual Internet Community

Hello Schenectady Website

Sunnyside Rd in Scotia Glenville
New Years Eve Snowstorm Dec 31 2007
from Utube "sacoo1"

Collins Park - Scotia Geese Dec 27 2007
                                      from UTube "sacoo1"


Go to the Sky Photos Page for Photos like this one of
 "Central Park"

More Videos on This Site

Schenectady Snowstorm Feb 12 2007 
Schenectady County plow driver Michael Cordeiro

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Schenectady Central Park September 16 2008
Runners In The Park from Area High Schools

Central Park October 2000

Scotia Memorial Day Parade

Rexford Bridge and Mohawk River

Shot on Super 8 movie film. Paula Orton - Debbie Orton -Gertude Orton - Location is in Schenectady's Central Park March / April 1980

Unicycle Man Pat Caccavo

KARAOKE At THE 10-10 Lounge June 08 2009

The Schenectady Massacre

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