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Schenectady New York

Central Park

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Lonely Picnic Tables


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Hi, born and raised at 979 Albany Street nearly all my life. I went to Halsey School at the corner of Albany st. & Stuben st. Mrs. Breslyn was my K-Teacher, then mrs. Lyons for first and then mrs. Mrs. Simkins for 2nd and mrs Oswald for 3rd and 4th was Mrs. Dunn. I loved the school but I never did like the teachers LOL My Dad worked for Friehoffers Bakery on Albany st. and before it was a bakery it was the police dept and the Pct. # is still there over the entrance door. Through the big garage doors is a big barn where the horses were kept back when the bakery delivered their goods by horse and wagon. I used to walk my Dad to work nights, me and my brother and he let us ride the horses in the field next door to the bakery which soon became the St. Lukes School. Then we would head home and stop at Milton's Grocery store at the corner of Albany and Baccus streets for a soda or an ice cream. Where the HUD office is now used to be a bar and grill. Oh, before I forget....on Brandywine and Albany street was an old guy named Eddie and he sold popcorn everynight and he had a little boy working for him, his name was Roy Fetter. There was also another popcorn man at the corner of State and Brandywine right outside the bank. The one on Albany street also sold popcorn at Grout park Pool in the summer. We swam there alot but mostly we swam at Quackenbush Pool. Anybody remember "The Hallow?" Yep, that was where the crosstown now is and remember the 7 story walkway there called "7th Heaven?" The base of that walk up is still stuck into the side of that hill from a ramp there on Broadway and that took you up to the top to I believe Schenectady street. Hey, when I got older I went to the "Castle Club" on Strong street right there at "Suicide Bridge." Lots of stories to tell about Schenectady. What a wonderful city she was : ) Thanks for all the memories your bringing back with your videos. Great job! I have a million stories I could tell but id be taking all the room up in your guest book!! LOL Keep them coming, GMPNY

Good Old Sch'tdy....Did you know old Friehoffers used to be the Police Dept? Yes, the prscint number is stioo over the entrance door. Through the garage there is still a horse barn back there from when the bakery used horse and wagons to deliver the baked goods. My Dad worked there when I was little and he used to take us to work with him and we rode the horses in the field that was to become St. Lukes School. I rode a white horse called Sambo & my brother rode a bay called Babe. Good old times.
Mark Moffre writes: 
David, thanks for these great clips, I see that I am not alone in enjoying them. I feel guilty posting under this youtube name because the clips are so positive. Y.T deleted my entire account one time and I got pissed that's why the name is what it is. It doesn't suck because I can connect with clips like this which is amazing. Someone said the place has changed people wise, it's that way everywhere now. One thing that will NEVER change is the spirit & memories of that great place.
I think I know you or your family, the name really sticks out. Anyway, your park videos are so amazing. Not just because they remind me of the beauty and good times of the place but because you capture the "moments" very well. The music is perfect for them and the adventures you have are a trip! The cat, the flowers, ducks and the people make for a great time for anyone who watches. it's very obvious that you love and appreciate that place, I envy you for being able to walk those great streets
 I hope you can go film the stockade area and post it. Check out 7 Union st. That is where my grandma lived. It was a great place to visit as a kid. It had a "dumbwaiter" as they called it. A pull up elevator and the cellar was spooky & had a peep hole to watch for Indians.

David, you really capture the essence of that area well & you have a great sense of spirit in the videos.

I have watched and enjoyed every one. Thanks so much for connecting me

GMPNY writes about Central Park
I remember as a kid walking to the park with other kids and their Moms & we would always get a great spot under the huge Weeping Willow trees. That was our shade for the day & the willows came right down to the ground & all our stuff would be underneath & our towels spread out & our sack lunches laid out for each one of us : )
These days would be all aday affairs & I remember Mom's taking turns dragging us all back to the Bathrooms accross from the Casino in the park play area. I hated it was so far away! And the only bathroom for the whole park LOL We would often stop at the Casino on the way back to get cotton candy or a candy apple or a slice of pizza. There was a grill there also and they serves cheese burgers and hot dogs. Aleays the best because you were so hungry from swimming you'd eat anything!
Under the Casion was all the row boats and oars and a few paddle boats. Did you know that no where in that Lake was it deeper than 3 to 4 feet anywhere? Thats the truth, I know cause my brother pushed me out of the boat more than once because he knew I hated the muck and the weeds at the bottom LOL Later on the weeds sort of won over filling that lake up but I heard they do something to it now to keep the weeds back. I hope its true. That lake was great to iceskate on in the winter too : )